We recently saw a rendering of what the upcoming BMW i5 might look like but it was only from the rear. Now, that same render artist released an additional render of the same potential i5, just with the front end included.

This BMW i5 render looks very similar to the new 5 Series LCI facelift. It makes sense that the current 5er would be the basis of this render but such an electric i5 would almost certainly not be based on the current 5 Series. This 5er is reaching the end of its life cycle and any electric 5 Series variant would come after it’s been replaced with a new generation. Still, there have only been a few spy photos of the next-gen 5 Series to go by, which isn’t enough for an accurate rendering so the current one will have to do for this render.

For this render, the grille was replaced with a flat, BMW i-style kidney grille panel that’s joined in the middle. That’s no surprise, given that an electric car has no need for a functional grille and this is sort of par for the course, with electric cars. Two hood bulges follow the lines of the grille as well, just like the BMW M3 and M4.

It also gets very sharp LED headlights that look similar to those found on the 5 Series LCI, just with a more digital look to them. There are also some front air intakes, which would likely be fake on the real car, unless they’d be used for battery cooling.

Overall, if the BMW i5 looked like this, it would be a handsome car. Nothing gorgeous or spectacular but handsome and premium looking. Which is actually sort of the M.O. of the 5 Series, anyway. It’s certainly more handsome and elegant looking than the BMW i4, whose mahoosive front grilles dominate the entire car’s styling. If the BMW i5 ends up looking similar to this, I don’t think too many fans will be upset.

[Source: @BMW43__]