The new BMW iX is set to write history for the Bavarian brand as it will become the technology flagship of a company that’s no stranger to innovation. Therefore, there’s a lot hanging in the balance here and the iX has to deliver, not just on the technology front but in the autonomy competition as well. Since this will be a fully-electric SUV, its range and charging time will matter a lot too.

The engineers from Munich put together a short clip showcasing the absolute ‘need to know’ features of the iX. They actually had to limit themselves because there are so many interesting things to talk about on this car, it would’ve otherwise taken a lot longer to go over everything.

And the first thing you need to know is that the iX is built from the get go to be a sustainable car. That means, the production process, materials used and the techniques its manufacturing require are all meant to have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

The car features an interesting combination of steel, carbon fiber and aluminum. Therefore, BMW managed to keep the weight down and allowed the car to gain more range. Furthermore, the weight itself is carefully positioned around the car to allow it to be agile as well.

The batteries, for example, are in the floor, as close to the ground as possible, to keep the center of gravity low. There are other tricks at play here too. For example, the car’s design was made this way to keep the drag coefficient as low as possible and the iX is a record holder in this regard, with 0.25 cd.

All of that was done in hope of making the car very efficient. To that end, recuperating energy also plays an important role. Therefore, the iX comes with an adaptive regenerative braking system that helps feed as many electrons back into the battery as you can this side of a perpetuum mobile.

And on the iX you can adjust the amount of regenerative braking you’re doing depending on your personal preference, going from one-pedal driving to coasting. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the video below for a lot more info on the new EV SUV.