The next big BMW for enthusiasts is going to be the 2 Series Coupe. It’s going to be the next two, door, rear-wheel drive, straight-six (in some cases) BMW and, potentially, the last. Naturally, that makes BMW enthusiasts very happy. Additionally, it’s also going to bring some of BMW’s classic looks back to the lineup, if these spy photos are anything to go by. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

From what we can see in these photos, the 2022 BMW 2 Series will get traditional looking kidney grilles that, while still quite large, are far more elegant than those found on 4 Series models. They actually remind me a bit of the grilles from the current BMW Z4, a car that I actually like quite a bit. The headlights are interesting, and actually have a bit of E60 5 Series in their design from the fender side, but should be pretty normal BMW headlights.

When you see the car’s profile, you see a classic BMW. It’s a low car overall but has a relatively tall rood and upright windows, which should give it excellent outward visibility, always a signature BMW design element. Can’t drive hard if you can’t see, right?

Instagram: @futurecarsnow

One interesting thing to note is that the car in question seems to be an M Performance model, due to its trapezoidal exhausts, but it doesn’t have the funky M Performance style grille. Rather than have the odd honeycomb-like pattern of cars like the BMW M340i, Z4 M40i, and M440i, this M Performance 2 Series gets traditional vertical grille slats.

We can’t see if it gets a proper Hofmeister kink because it’s covered by camouflage but we’re hoping that it’s there. After some complaining of fans, we can imagine BMW bringing it back. Overall, though, the new BMW 2 Series uses a classic BMW recipe under its skin and it’s looking like it’s using a classic BMW recipe for its design as well.

[Source: Motor1]