The BMW E60 M5 is an iconic car, one that literally wrote history when it was unveiled. It was and still remains the only production car BMW ever made with a V10 engine under the hood, as well as the only M5 with such an engine. And what an engine the S85 5-liter mill was and still is. The sound, the power, the extreme revs, everything is a harmony of brilliant German engineering. As long as you take good care of it.

As we all know, the S85 is prone to some pretty big issues. Rods, bearings, engine covers, electronics, you name it, and it probably will fail on the S85 at some point. As far as reliability goes, this mill has one of the worst track records ever. Chip in the SMG gearbox that also suffers in this regard and you’re looking at some serious problems along the line. That is why, if you’re to ever buy one of these cars, you should probably get one with as few miles on the clock as possible. And this M5 might fit the bill.

With only 29,000 miles covered so far, this specific M5 should be purring like a tiger. According to the ad on Bring-A-Trailer, the car was well maintained, the oil was changed beforehand for the sale and everything is in tip top shape. The Interlagos Blue monster also looks the part and Carfax doesn’t show any accidents on this VIN number. It will definitely be interesting to watch how the bidding war evolves.

At the time of writing, the price went up to $5,100 and it’s important to note that the car is being listed with no reserve. Right now, for $5,100, this thing is an absolute steal but rest assured, the price will go up in the following days. And by quite a lot. Despite all the potential problems waiting in the future, the E60 M5 is still a very desirable car overall.