Rolls-Royce cars are usually bought by the richest people on this planet. That’s all well and nice at first, but after a while, these wealthy individuals do tend to get bored. At that point, depending on how they feel, they might just buy another car or sell some of the ones the already have. If the latter happens, it’s quite possible for the Rolls to end up in the wrong hands. There are plenty of people out there who want the Spirit of Ecstasy in their driveway, but can’t really afford it.

And, like any other car, a Rolls-Royce will need some maintenance. If that’s not done the right way, problems will pop up and that’s how, from years of abuse, proper Rollers end up being sold for cheap on eBay. That’s what happened with this Rolls-Royce Shadow that was bought by none other than the legendary Harry Metcalfe for just £4,000. As you may expect, the price was so low not because Harry bought it but because the car was in rather terrible shape.

The engine and mechanical side of things seemed to work well enough to allow Harry to go on a tour in the northern parts of Europe last winter, but the looks of the poor Rolls-Royce were so bad that something had to be done. The biggest issue was the rust and, as you would expect, on a 50-year old car that was actually driven quite a lot, there’s plenty of it. Therefore, Harry took it to a garage to assess the work that needs to be done.

The side sills, fenders, and everything around the bottom of the car needs either replacing or fixing and it’s not looking great. Some holes are big enough to fit your fist through them, while in other places entire bits had to be replaced. The guys also found older repairs under the paint which were probably done in cheap workshops as they didn’t withstand the test of time.

Luckily, proper work will be done now under Harry’s supervision and the world will get back another Rolls-Royce Shadow in proper working condition.