The new BMW M4 is barely on sale five minutes and already there are tuners offering kits for it. That’s to be expected, though, as major tuners are often given advanced looks at upcoming sports cars, so they can begin the development of aftermarket parts ahead of time. So for any of you new M4 owners that want a bit of an extra edge, AC Schnitzer has some new bits just for you.

If you want parts for you car right now, or at least in the immediate future, AC Schnitzer has a line of upgrades for the M4 you can get. However, it also has some parts that are still in development and will be available soon.

As for the parts available either right now or in the very near future, you can get a new front splitter, rear roof spoiler, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, side skirt protection foil, rear skirt protection foil, and AC Schnitzer emblems. That’s just for the exterior body, though.

If you want new wheels, you cans get either AC Schnitzer’s AC1 light alloy bi-color 20″ wheels, or AC3 lightweight forged alloy 20″ wheels. To make those wheels sit more flush in the wheel wells, there’s a lowering spring kit for the suspension, which drops the ride height 15-20 mm at the rear and 20-25 mm at the front.

As for the inside, you can get aluminum shift paddles, aluminum pedals, an aluminum footrest, and an aluminum key holder.

While the aforementioned parts are mostly just cosmetic, fret not — there will be mechanical and performance upgrades coming in the future.

There will be an engine tune for the BMW M4 Competition, which will include a four year warranty, but AC Schnitzer hasn’t release any power figures just yet. To go with the engine tune, though, there will also be an available stainless steel exhaust system with carbon fiber tips.

If you want more than lowering springs, you can hold out and wait for the upcoming AC Schnitzer RS three-way adjustable coilover suspension kit. It will be manually adjustable and offer adjustments to height, damper, and rebound.

Lastly, of course, there will be even more exterior bits on the way. Front canards, a carbon “Racing” rear wing, a gurney flap for the rear wing, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, and a frame for a carbon fiber rear diffuser including a third brake light.

The BMW M4 is a already an incredibly aggressive looking car but if you want some added aggression, you can go for AC Schnitzer, as these parts will have your car looking and sounding far angrier than your neighbor’s M4.