In this latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, Nico and I go over some of the latest news in the BMW world. First and foremost, we talk about our recent test drives of the new BMW M3. Over the last two weeks, Nico had the chance to drive back-to-back the Competition version of the G80 M3, with the eight-speed automatic, followed by a ride in the M3 but with a six-speed manual and non-Comp spec.

We talk about the major differences between the two cars and also how they feel on the road, considering the power difference between them and the different transmission choices. In the end, Nico shares with us which M3 he would buy. If money no object. And while we were on the G80 M3 and G82 M4 topics, I also shared some notes from my recent meeting with BMW design team.

Last week, BMW invited me, along with a few other journalists, for a virtual design roundtable with Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW Group Chief Designer, and Domagoj Dukec, Head of Design BMW cars. As you’d expect, the topic of the day was the recent – and somewhat controversial – designs of the 4 Series, and especially the new M3 and M4. The design bosses described the thinking process behind the new designs and gave us some unique insight into that. It’s quite an interesting topic and I certainly encourage you to listen to that section.

Lastly, we go into some details of the upcoming BMW i4 electric gran coupe which will be unveiled on June 1. I recently had the chance to spend some time with the car and learned quite a few interesting things. While I can’t give all the info away – due to an embargo – I can share some interesting tech bits.

This is a good episode, filled with tons of interesting insight and great stories. So have a listen/watch and, as always, the episode can be found on all the major podcast outlets; Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher. And you can check also check the video version of the podcast on our Youtube channel.

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