Just the other day we were reporting that BMW is already working on a new version of the M3 CS and it looks like the M4 won’t be left out either. A potential BMW M4 CS prototype was also spotted recently out doing the rounds on the Nurburgring, getting ready to take your driveway by storm. The M4 CS is a very real project and the car is bound to come out in the following year with some very interesting specs if the previous model is anything to go by.

Judging by the footage below, the upcoming Competition Sport model will come with some aero upgrades compared to the standard model including a huge spoiler on the front bumper, a decent boot lid lip and a slightly reshaped rear bumper. That’s what we can make out on this heavily camouflaged prototype anyway. The end product could look a lot different, that’s why these tests are being carried out.

Photo: @joelre98

There’s no info available regarding the drivetrain and that’s the biggest questions fans will have. We already know the M4 CS will have all sorts of weight saving measures put in place. From removing the center armrest to other ‘choices’, the CS version is supposed to be the lightest of the range. That would imply offering the car with rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox but that’s not likely to happen. Judging by video below, this particular prototype seems fitted with the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The S58 engine under the hood is expected to make a bit more power than what the Competition version offers. That means we should see anything between 510 PS (503 horsepower) and 530 PS (523 horsepower) on the end product. Chip in the lower weight and the upgraded suspension and this will be the fastest M4 ever made when it comes out. Since BMW M is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, we could see the M4 CS surface in 2022.

[Images: @joele98 on Instagram]