A new generation of BMW 7 Series is currently in the works and it can’t come soon enough for the Bavarians. The 7 Series’ main competitor, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, is not only all-new but it’s apparently quite excellent. More than that, it even has an all-electric variant, dubbed the EQS. So the new 7er is going to be an impressive bit of machinery if it wants to take on the new Merc.

We have some new renders that show off what the next-gen 7er could look like. These renders admittedly only of the rear end of the car but they give an idea of what the taillights and exhausts could look like. While it’s not wildly different than the current 7 Series, it does show off slimmer, more modern looking taillights and more trapezoidal exhausts.

Judging from some spy photos, these renders look surprisingly accurate. The exhausts, at least, look exactly like the ones seen in spy photos of the new 7 Series. In those same spy photos, we can see taillights that seem vaguely shaped like the ones in these renders. Though, there’s really not much else to go by.

When the next-gen BMW 7 Series debuts, it’s going to need to bring a slick new design, along with a massively upgraded interior or it’s never going to compete with the new S-Class. The current car was behind the curve from the moment it debuted, so if the new one wants to compete, it’s going to need to be a big step up.

Thankfully, BMW also has an all-electric i7 variant planned, set to take on the new Mercedes-Benz EQS. Considering big, long-range EVs are the future of the luxury sedan segment, it’s a good idea for BMW to get involved early. We’ve heard that the i7 will have specs similar to the EQS’ but don’t have any concrete info just yet. Until then, these two renders show us what the next-gen 7 Series taillights might look like…

[Rendering: @bmw43__]