BMW did not forget to compliment Mercedes-Benz arch-rival for their new S-Class generation. Only that it was done in its own unmistakable style, with a discrete pinch of clever irony.

With great pride, Mercedes-Benz unveiled their new S-Class flagship yesterday. It’s a remarkable achievement by the Stuttgart engineers, which again redefines the standards in the long-contested luxury class.

As we’ve previously mentioned, a new 7 Series can’t come any sooner, as the current G11/G12 will have to battle the heavily upgraded S-Class for around 1 year and a half until the G70/G71 generation is revealed around mid-2022. Considering that the current 7 Series was lacking compared to the previous-gen S-Class, things don’t bode well for the 7er.

Even though it already might sounds like a lost battle for the Munich contender, it may not entirely be the case. The 7 Series still has many positives and strong attributes on its side to help it attempt to take on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Whether or not it’s enough to actually compete is yet to be seen but the BMW does have at least one trick up its sleeve.

As it is common between competitors to congratulate one another in big moments, BMW didn’t miss the chance. In a recent Facebook post, the Bavarian constructor tagged Mercedes-Benz and greeted “Good job” to the Stuttgart company.

But, it did not forget to accompany the compliments with a good sense of humor and irony. The message continued with a conclusive “Here’s how *we* handle an S… 😉“, showcasing the 7 Series filmed from above while tackling a road in the shape of the S letter. This is obviously done to say that the 7 Series handles better than the S-Class.

This is a silent indication that the Munich luxury flagship is competently prepared to fight with the new S-Class in true, infallible BMW fashion: offering Sheer Driving Pleasure on all fronts.