In just a few days, BMW will lift off the driving embargoes featuring the new 2 Series Coupe. A few selected media had the chance to drive a prototype version of the rear-wheel drive 2 Series which will be fully unveiled in the next few months. To tease the car a bit more, BMW decided to release a set of photos showing the car with the typical testing camouflage.

While most – if not all – the design details are hidden, we can still see the proportions of the car. Just like the previous generation 2 Series, the new G42 platform retains the rear-wheel drive architecture and therefore the typical long bonnet, short overhangs and a tight rear-end.

This specific model is the M240i, due to its trapezoidal exhausts and sporty wheels. Up front, we can clearly see the shape and size of the grilles through the camo. And thankfully, they haven’t gone through the same process as the new M3/M4. They’re a bit wider than the current car’s but are perfectly normal shaped kidney grilles.

The headlights have also gone through a major redesign and we believe the will look exactly like the leaked 2 Series Coupe from last year. Out back, it’s hard to tell what the rear end looks like, as it’s heavily covered in camouflage. But we can see that it has a teeny tiny decklid spoiler, further cementing its M Performance nature.

Overall, the new 2 Series seems a bit lower and sleeker than the current car, which makes it look a bit sportier.

When the next-gen 2 Series debuts, it’s going to be one of the last cars of its kind from BMW. Two doors, four seats, an inline-six-cylinder (in certain models) engine up front, drive going to the back, and (hopefully) a manual transmission in the middle.

The engine range will be made up of 2.0 liter and 3.0 liter engines and most likely they will be hybridized. Mild-hybrid offerings will be on the table to make sure the car abides to the latest regulations in the field. The models on offer from the get go will most likely include the 220i, 230i and M240i. It’s quite possible to see a 220d diesel on sale too, but considering the current trends, that’s still in the balance.

The top model BMW M240i will also be offered with the xDrive for an all-year round driving experience. Stay tuned in the next few days for more information on the new BMW 2 Series!