While the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe continues to bewilder the larger enthusiast fanbase, there will be some order restored to the 2 Series lineup soon enough. A proper rear-wheel drive, 2 Series Coupe will live on with a new generation and we may have just seen a glimpse of it in these new leaked photos.

Some new photos have leaked of what could be a BMW 2 Series Coupe under car cover. We can’t tell for sure what this car is but it’s possible that it’s the next-gen 2er Coupe.

We can’t see exactly, as the car is covered, but it looks like it could be a relatively small coupe. The car cover hides most if its design but it seems as if it only has two doors. It can’t be a 4 Series, as these are entirely new headlights and taillights from anything else we’ve seen on a BMW. It also doesn’t have the massive Nosferatu kidney grilles of the 4 Series, so it’s something smaller, something from the 1 Series/2 Series family.

Whatever model line this car comes from, this specific car also seems to be an M Performance model. Whether it’s eventually called an M235i or M240i, it’s certainly the high performance version, judging by its aggressive lip spoiler, rectangular exhausts, sporty front air intakes and what seems to be four-digit nomenclature on the trunk lid.

This potential 2 Series Coupe gets all-new headlights, which feature little notches cut out of them at the bottom. It also has massive kidney grilles, although them seem positively slim in contrast to its 4 Series sibling. Out back, it gets all-new taillights, which are very different for a modern BMW. They’re sort of just big blobs.

Despite the caption of this photo hinting at a potential 2 Series Coupe, we’re also wondering if this is some sort of 1 Series. Its design seems to be too similar to the 2 Series Gran Coupe to make us confident in it being rear-wheel drive. Its proportions seem a bit off for a rear-wheel drive vehicle and actually seem a bit more front-wheel drive-like. For instance, the front end seems a bit too tall and the hood shut line just above the headlight seem similar to that of the 2er Gran Coupe, as if it’s trying to accommodate a front transaxle. Admittedly, it could just be the angle of the photo that accentuates the height of the hood but it does seem to have that high hood-line that you only get with front-wheel drive.

If it is something front-drive, we don’t know what it could be. Possibly some sort of 1 Series Sedan? That doesn’t seem likely, as it wouldn’t make much sense. Though, that hasn’t stopped BMW before. Could be be a 2 Series Gran Coupe facelift? Maybe, as we know car companies work several years in advance, but no guarantee. Or could it just be a 2 Series Coupe and BMW is borrowing styling cues from its Gran Coupe sibling? That’s entirely possible as well.

It’s hard to tell for sure what this is but we’ll find out soon enough. These leaks usually bring more information to the surface in the days following their release. So stay tuned.

[Source: Wilco Bloc]