The BMW E30 M3 is now going through what some are calling ‘a speculative bubble’. That’s just a fancy way of saying that some people are considering the price tags paid for these cars nowadays just too high. In fairness, when you have to pay six figures for a 30-year old car, you do have to question why that’s the case. Well, people seem to love the first generation M3 and that’s a good enough reason in our books.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get one, you better get your bank account ready and start looking everywhere you can for the best deal. One very good-looking model just popped up online and it’s listed on Bring-A-Trailer right now. The auction will end in seven days and there’s still time to get your finances in order because the bidding war is coming, without a doubt. At the time of writing, the price had already hit the $60,000 mark.

But what about the car itself? Well, according to the description in the listing, it’s a 1991 BMW E30 M3 with only 31,000 miles on the clock. That’s decent but definitely not the lowest mileage M3 we’ve seen so far. The car is wearing Alpine White on the outside and seems to be rather well maintained from the photos in the ad. Of course, pics can be deceiving but that’s not the case on Bring-A-Trailer most of the tie.

The car does come with certain amenities to make your life easier with it, from air conditioning to cruise control an on-board computer and the original BMW cassette player. The silver interior looks absolutely pristine and that includes the leather seats and the floor mats. All in all, this is looking really good but we’re terribly curious to see the final price tag it goes for in the end.