BMW E60 M5

Video: Cheapest BMW E60 M5 Gets Sold

If you’re reading us on the regular you probably saw the pieces we wrote about Hoovie’s Garage and his ‘ultra cheap’ BMW E60 M5. The M5 models of that particular generation are known to be…

Video: Hoovie Gives Us an Update on His Cheap BMW E60 M5

Video: Dinan Stroked BMW E60 M5 Sounds Brutal

The BMW E60 M5 will likely forever be considered the best sounding M5 ever made. Even though the E39 M5 comes close with its 4.9-liter V8, it’s the E60 that takes things up another notch…

Video: BMW V10 Engine Sound Compilation

When it was first introduced, the naturally aspirated BMW V10 S85 engine was a considered the jewel of BMW engines family. Released when the emission regulation weren’t so strict, the powerful V10 became over the…

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Oldie but goodie: BMW E60 M5 Tested by Tiff Needell

Despite its controversial Bangle-design, the BMW E60 M5 remains one of the most exciting M5 models ever built. The BMW M5 needs no introduction anymore and everyone acknowledges that the M5 has been, as Mr….