The BMW M5 is an iconic motorsport car, first hand built in 1985 and introduced to the market in 1986. Relatively a 535i chassis on steroids. Just think about it, in the 80s this was one of the fastest sedans in production, especially at a time when gasoline costs weren’t even really an “expense.” A car like this would not go unnoticed in the 80s Miami Vice series.

The BMW M5 is the ultimate sedan for professional race car drivers, or BMW enthusiast alone, and even the Car Dad who likes to take the kids out to super car Sunday, and wants to be able to seat a family of four comfortably when needed.

I guess the M5 would make a great Uber ride too? But seriously, imagine calling an Uber and a BMW M5 shows up, will I live long enough to see that? Just imagine, you call for an Uber and then get this message, “Hey, Mike is seven minutes away, be on the look out for a White BMW M5” Best believe the Uber ride be much more fun than the destination.

The E28, E34 and E39 chassis were exquisite predecessors to the E60 M5, However, the E60 M5 is the car I seem to drool over. What is it about the E60 M5 I like so much?

Well, it is a shark out of water, a 500 Horsepower shark that is. “Jaws” dropping much? This saloon chassis was first introduced in 2005, equipped with a 10 cylinder engine and a 7 speed sequential manual gearbox or a 6 speed manual transmission. A fast saloon like this is the ultimate “ getaway car”, doing 0-62, in just 4.8 seconds. It is quick, aggressive, and has appeal that just might bite if you stare it at too long. It is safe to say that it was the last Naturally Aspirated M5. All motor and exhaust notes, just the way a BMW should be.

From the BMW factory, it was well balanced with raw power, sound, handling, and brakes that of a Ferrari, for a fraction of the price and double the doors. In addition, this is car the wife would appreciate as it leaves you plenty of room to pick up the groceries and dry cleaning on the way back from work. It is a clearly a win win situation for everyone in the family.

I had a great opportunity to drive a good friend of mines 2007 BMW M5, and it was like no other BMW I had driven. I myself have driven many BMWs, as I used to work for a local dealership, in addition to being an owner of a E38 7 Series, and a few E36/E46 chassis M3s. I realized I was in for a roller coaster ride, except I was the chauffeur. This M5 in particular had tasteful performance parts by a manufacturer named RPI (Race Precision, Inc.). Modifications included a pulley kit, intake scoops, ECU program, and their very own exhaust that would make your neighbors hate you every morning soon as the engine turned over. I mean, the exhaust sound was music to my ears, good music, heavy rock music, just the way I like it. In addition to the RPI tasteful modifications, it has a set of HRE p40 mono block rims which sit flush with a Dinan stage 2 suspension set up. I loved everything about the car, except the iDrive, and I am sure many would agree with me on that.

I remember shortly after the ride, I told my friend I will buy this car in a heartbeat, if he ever sells it, because that is just how much I was in love with it. He gave me the rundown of just how expensive maintenance it is, and it was not like the maintenance figures I was familiar with on my cars. 10 cylinders which equals to 10 spark plugs, dual air filters, bigger rims and tires, etc. This is definitely a car for those that can keep up with maintenance/repairs in order to enjoy the car. This is no Honda Accord, where you can get away with not checking the oil as periodically , or disregarding the Check Engine light by a week or so. The E60 M5 is magnificent.

Overall, I would say this is the last great Motorsport sedan. Yes, the F10 models are way faster and sleeker, but so is the hefty price tag. However, the E60 M5 in well kept and  documented condition are still out there, and for anyone in the market shopping for one, make sure to do a PPI. I can’t stress that enough, the last thing you would want to do is buy this car only find out it needs a major overhaul on the transmission and suspension.

Some clean examples I have seen go for mid $20,000. A brand new BMW M5 back in 06/07 was about $80K, which fell under the affordable supercar category. BMW will keep beefing up the newer models M5, but I will always adore the E60 M5.