By the looks of things, it seems like the electric revolution is upon us. That implies a number of things, one of the most important being a dire need to change the way we use our cars and some of our habits behind the wheel. The limited electric range of some EVs can help out in that regard, forcing people to reconsider the way they use their cars. BMW decided to put together a video, showcasing how you can be as efficient as possible while driving an EV.

What you should know, from the get go, is that some of these tips are nothing new. Most of them are known by those who have always been a bit careful about how much money they spend on gas every day. Now that range is a very important factor when you’re relying on your battery to get around these tips might be more important than ever. For example, it’s a known fact that removing any excess weight from your car will cut the energy or fuel consumption.

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The same goes for keeping the windows closed and watching the tire pressure, to make sure it’s just right. In the case of electric cars like the iX3, the Tire Pressure Monitor even shows you what kind of values are perfect to be as efficient as possible. There are other tricks available on board modern-day BMW electric cars too though.

For example, the Eco Pro mode can be configured to be as energy efficient as you’d like. You can adjust it to cut the energy used by the heated seats, the HVAC system or even the lights. You can also make sure to use the BMW Adaptive regenerative braking function. This will allow the car to seamlessly switch between coasting and regenerative braking, depending on the driving situation. All of this and more tips await in the video below.