Doing a lot in a small amount of space has been the MINI motto from the get go. Now the company is looking to support small initiatives all around the UK, starting with Tiny Forest. The announcement was made today and the work is being done by MINI in collaboration with Earthwatch Europe. The goal of the initiative is to increase the amount of green spaces and biodiversity inside urban areas.

In order to do that, actual tiny forests are to be planted in various locations, MINI already funding and planting its first one, near one of their production sites, in Swindon, England. The next MINI Tiny Forest will be planted near the home of the MINI Plant in Oxford in 2022.

“Tiny Forests provide rich opportunities for connecting young and old alike with the environment and sustainability,” explains Louise Hartley, Tiny Forest Officer at Earthwatch Europe: “It’s vital that we give people the knowledge and skills to protect our natural world and inspire them to take positive action. We are delighted to be working with MINI UK to bring these inspiring spaces to Swindon and Oxford.”

Like the all-electric MINI, “Tiny Forests” are very impressive due to their enormous efficiency in a small space: 600 indigenous trees are planted especially close to each other on the area of a tennis court and allowed to grow in a completely natural way. The result: up to 30 percent more density, up to ten times faster growth and up to thirty times better absorption of carbon dioxide. This, in turn, will attract more than 500 animal and plant species over the next three years and transform the “Tiny Forest” into an accessible mini-ecosystem.

“MINI are really excited to partner with Earthwatch Europe to plant Tiny Forests in our local communities and across the UK,” says David George, Director MINI Great Britain and Ireland: “For over 61 years we have made cars using resources responsibly and to maximum effect. Our shared values of sustainability and bringing people together is what makes this such a great partnership.”