Spring is finally here and it looks like summer is just around the corner. That said, convertibles are bound to step into the limelight once again and for BMW that means the Z4 reviews are bound to pop up too. The only roadster BMW still has on sale today is a rather good car, a proper mix of comfort, luxury, open-top enjoyment, and fun. But is that enough to make it popular? Is it enough to take on the Porsche Boxster?

The guys from Carbuyer wanted to find out with their review, which you can check out below. The BMW Z4 will not have an easy life, that’s for sure. The roadster segment is all but dead at the moment, as everyone seems hellbent on buying SUVs and crossovers these days. No wonder then that convertible SUVs have popped up and are actually on sale today, as Frankensteinian as it may sound.

It’s a shame too, as the Z4 is fun to drive and has one of the best designs in the range today, in our book. The rivals it has to face are not easy to fend off either. The Mercedes-Benz SLC, the Audi TT Roadster, and even the Porsche Boxster are nothing to scoff at. And while the Z4 is engaging from behind the wheel, it still falls short of the Porsche. Why? Well, as the review points out, the steering is one of its biggest issues. While direct and accurate, it doesn’t offer a lot of feedback regarding what’s happening with the front wheels.

But, as any driver would tell you, there’s more to a car than just how it handles. You need to take the design into account, the fit and finish, the ride and the comfort and the Z4 has its pros and cons. According to this review, the interior could’ve been a bit more exciting but thankfully, at least the seats are comfortable. Check out the video below for a more detailed look into the Z4.