Back in February, as Valentine’s Day was approaching, MINI USA decided to start an online campaign, looking for the best love stories kicked off by a shared passion for the British brand. Basically, MINI was looking for owners who found love with their car in any way. Since the winged-logo is known to start profound passions, it’s not uncommon to see couples hitting it off thanks to their cars.

The first three couples that used the #MINILoveStories hashtag on social media to get noticed have been revealed and they do have interesting stories. The first couple, Melinda and Josh, featured on Friday, April 2, as part of Great Lovers Day, met at a MINI meetup in New Hampshire facilitated by one of the many MINI clubs across the country and ended up getting engaged at MINI Takes Vermont. They are now currently living happily married in Utah.

Another couple, Haley and Matt, featured over the weekend, met virtually from different sides of the Pacific – Matt in Australia and Haley in Arizona. The couple met when Mat spotted Haley’s Instagram account for Jax – her new MINI. The couple hit it off and are now planning to get married later this year.

The most recent couple to be featured, Ashley & Nick, met when Nick noticed Ashley’s dating profile featured a lot of MINIs (she currently owns 5!) Nick sent her a message about his MINI and many drives and dates later, they are happily married and love their MINIs.

“People really love their MINIs, so when people find love for one another that runs stronger than their shared passion for MINI, it is a really special moment to celebrate,” said Rah Mahtani, Brand Communications Manager, MINI USA. “MINI brings people together, and as we say, it’s the only car that comes standard with friends. Sometimes you even find love!”

Two more couples are to be revealed this week on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) so, if you want to be featured, just use the #MINILoveStories hashtag and tell people about yourself.