In the world of BMW enthusiasts, not all cars are equal. Some are more loved than others and that’s normal, but when it comes to certain models, things get out of hand. In the history of the 7 Series range, there is one model that reigns supreme and that is the E38 generation. It is seen by many as the last pure 7 Series design, before the Bangle era began and before the huge grilles took over.

They are beautiful cars, no doubt about it but just how much would you have to love one to pay $79,500 for it these days? That’s how much the seller of the car in this eBay listing is asking for and we’re not exactly sure it’s worth the money. Located in New Jersey, this is a 2000 BMW 740iL with 13,097 miles on the clock which makes is pristine by any account. Basically, you barely have enough miles on the clock for a second oil change.

According to the seller, the car is such pristine shape that it even has an overpowering ‘new car smell’ that will be instantly noticed when you open the doors. And it definitely looks like it, with the pictures in the ad painting a pretty picture. There are some things to consider though, such as the fact that the lenses have been changed with 2001 model year ones. The originals were colored and the current owner prefers the clear lens treatment 2001 models got.

Luckily, he kept all the original bits and offers them up with the car, in case you prefer the original look. The car also has only a slight problem, in the dash, where some pixels are slightly faded but that’s about it. It really doesn’t get much better than this but, at $79,500, is it worth the price? Would you write a check for that sum just to get in touch with the early 2000s?

[Source: eBay]