If you’re in the market for a new 7 Series but the extra large kidney grilles of the current model aren’t exactly your style, you might just be in luck. Various studies over the years show that the BMW E38 7 Series is the most loved model the Germans ever made.

Too bad they went extinct over 20 years ago, right? Well, miracles happen every day and this week we just sort of stumbled upon what could easily be called a case of ‘time traveling’.

What you’re looking at in the pictures posted here is a 1997 BMW 740i with only 255 kilometers (155 miles) on the clock and which has been kept in a bubble for the last – I’m guessing here – several years. The seller says the car is being kept in that controlled environment right now and that not even dust is touching that original paint but it doesn’t say for how long this process has been taking place.

Nevertheless, looking at the pictures, this seems as close as one could get to buying a new E38 these days. This thing is absolutely immaculate and if you want to get that 90s car feeling there’s just no better way to do it. The leather is impeccable, the paint is impeccable, even the tires seem like they weren’t touched by the unseen hands of time. In case you were wondering, the engine under that hood is the granddaddy of the current N63 unit found on various cars made in Munich.

Back then it was dubbed the M62B44 and the 4.4-liter V8 made 282 HP, enough even for a big and heavy car like the 740i. The ad also mentions there was only one prior owner of this car, a woman born in 1927 who took delivery in 1997.

Unfortunately, if you live anywhere else but Europe, the ad clearly says there will be no shipping to other continents so you might have to improvise if you really want this car. The price tag isn’t a breeze either, the auction reaching 48,350 Euros at the time of writing.

Worth it? I think it might just be. Then again, I might be biased, given how much I love the E38 generation 7 Series.