The new BMW M3 and M4 might be getting all of the media’s attention at the moment but the best driving car in the M Division’s stable is still one that debuted over a year ago — the BMW M2 CS. Its blend of size, speed, agility, and classic good looks makes it the undisputed king of the BMW lineup. It’s so good, in fact, that Top Gear host Chris Harris traded his M2 Competition in for one.

Harris has been quite vocal about his distaste for many new BMWs and his happiness with owning the M2 Competition, as it’s sort of the last of the proper BMWs. However, the limited-run, surprisingly expensive BMW M2 CS is even better to drive and it’s so good that it’s courted Harris away from his personalized M2 Comp.

In a recent Instagram post, Harris claimed to have been offered to buy the new M2 CS from his local dealer. He thought about it for awhile, and actually decided he didn’t need the new CS version, until he called up the dealer and decided pull the trigger. Now, he’s the owner of a Misano Blue BMW M2 CS with gold wheels, and a manual transmission — the correct spec.

To say we’re jealous of Harris is an understatement. The M2 CS was one of the very best cars I’ve driven in a long time, and I drove it around the same time as I drove the Audi R8 V10 Performance, C8 Corvette Z51, and Lexus LC500 Convertible. With a manual transmission, it’s the perfect blend of old-school and new school, and I absolutely adore it.

So a congratulations are in order and we’re hoping to see a video from Mr. Harris in the near future, showing off his new car. Then again, he doesn’t really like the YouTube influencer “unboxing” type thing, so we probably won’t see one. Still, we can hope.

[Source: Instagram]