Here we go again — it’s another comparison between the BMW M3 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Since the new M3’s debut, these two cars have been going head-to-head seemingly everyday and don’t expect that to change for awhile. Reason being is that, prior to the new M3’s release, the Giulia has been the best driving sport sedan in the world since its own release. So it set the benchmark that the new M3 now has to clear.

In this new video from Auto Express, we see the two cars compete on track, wit Steve Sutcliffe at the wheel. So which one is better?

On paper, the Alfa Romeo has the advantage. It makes the same power (503 horsepower/510 PS), has the same transmission (eight-speed ZF auto), and is also rear-wheel drive but its advantage comes in the form of a nearly 200 kg (440 lbs) weight savings compared to the heavy BMW. Does the Alfa’s superior weight allow it to take the win on track?

Actually, no. With Sutcliffe at the wheel, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio went around Llandow Circuit first and set a blistering lap time of 44.4 seconds, making it the fastest four-door car Auto Express has ever tested there. Naturally, Sutcliffe was impressed and wasn’t confident that the heavier BMW would set a faster lap time. Except that it did, shockingly.

The BMW M3 Competition posted a time of 43.9 seconds, which bests the Giulia’s blistering lap time. According to Sutcliffe, the M3 disguises its weight so well, and its monstrous engine is so powerful, that it manages to be quicker than the Alfa both on the straights and through corners. If you’ve ever driven the Alfa on track, you’d know how good it is. So the fact that the M3 is quicker is genuinely impressive. Admittedly, Sutcliffe seemed to have more fun in the Alfa, while just being impressed by the BMW, but in terms of track times, the BMW M3 is the new king.