When the new G80 BMW M3 reviews first began trickling out, opinions were surprisingly good. While its looks are still getting criticized, most enthusiasts and journalists are very impressed with its driving dynamics. After reading that, my first thought was “I wonder if it’s as good as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio?” The Alfa is the sweetest driving performance sedan I’ve ever driven, with a perfect blend of excitement, capability, comfort, and fun. So I was very curious as to how the new M3 competes with it. Thankfully, Top Gear did the hard work for me and compared both cars back to back.

In this new comparison test, TG pits a BMW M3 Competition up against the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio to see which is best and the results are surprising.

Both cars in the test are very similar on paper. They both use similarly sized twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engines; a 3.0 liter straight-six for the Bimmer and a 2.9 liter V6 for the Alfa. Because the M3 in this test is a Competition-spec (all UK models are Competitions), they both have around the same power; 503 horsepower for the Bimmer, 502 horsepower for the Alfa. Both also use eight-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmissions and both are rear-wheel drive. They both also have clever rear differentials, adaptive dampers, and a lot of carbon fiber.

However, the Alfa is lighter than the Bimmer by several hundred pounds. So, in terms of performance, you’d expect the Alfa to be a lot quicker but it isn’t. In fact, the Bimmer is a touch quicker, if only by a bit. Thank clever traction advantages for that.

Both cars are said to drive and handle brilliantly but in very different ways. The BMW M3 is tighter, a bit sharper, and more composed. The Alfa has quicker steering and softer dampers but it’s also the more manic, less clinical, and, sometimes, more fun. Which one is deemed best? Have a read and find out, it’s a great comparison test and one worth your time.

[Source: Top Gear]