There is a heavy online debate going on right now over which one of the new M4 and M3 models should you get. This has been a topic when the first M4 came out and it is one today also. As usual, all we can say is that you should choose the one that fits your lifestyle. If you need the extra two doors at the back, you should get the M3, if you don’t, maybe stick with the M4. The two cars have identical front ends, so from a designer’s point of view, the only difference in that regard can be seen at the back.

The guys from AutoTrader have been asking themselves the same question. And by ‘guys’ I mean Rory Reid, who’s put together a video about the M4 to try and help people choose which one to get. Of course, the jokes about the new front end and its massive ‘lung grilles’ are not missing, even though Rory did try to offer some objective reasons why the massive grille was actually necessary, not just a design exercise.

The interior is also quite a bit different between the two. Of course, the M4 will offer a lot less room in the back and will look different too. Up front, the two are very similar, with the exception of the doors. Both cars can be heavily customized though, especially when it comes to the seats and carbon fiber bits. The car Rory is driving is fitted with carbon seats and they look absolutely amazing.

As for the driving part, the car is a joy to experience, no doubt about it. Rory points out, among other things, how fast the engine revs whenever you need it to. A big part is played by the crank, which is said to be shared with the M4 GT3 race car and be very, very light. This way, the straight six under the hood can go up and down through the rev range easier and faster. There are other tidbits shared in this video as well so you might as well give it a chance.