The BMW 7 Series is viewed, like many of its peers, as the perfect place to relax in, while on the go. Whether you’re driving yourself or being driven around, you can’t deny that the 7er comes with some pretty cool features to help you relax. One obvious clue as to why that is can be found in the back, as the headrests in most 7 Series models come with soft miniature pillows that are so welcoming, you might nod off in a matter of minutes.

But not just those in the back can get that sort of treatment. You can even enjoy some downtime when behind the wheel, thanks to the semi-autonomous driving assistance features in the 7 Series. The car will use its clever on-board systems to keep you in lane, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you and even set off, as long as you’re paying attention to the road. All you have to do is keep your eyes straight and your hands on the wheel.

That’s not all that makes up this wonderful experience though. The suspension also comes into play, being dialed up to be as soft as it can be. Heck, BMW even put together a couple of programs that can relax you even more by setting the mood. For example, one of them can automatically raise the temperature, turn all the ambient lights red and start the massaging function, all while changing the music to a soothing rhythm.

In the end, you do arrive at the conclusion that you could just keep going like this for miles on end. Unfortunately, sometimes, trips are definitely way too short, especially when you enter ‘the groove’. And that may also be the case for the current 7 Series, which is at its best right now, but going out of production in the near future.