After the initial shock of the BMW M3’s new grille, many fans took solace in the fact that at least there’d be a Touring version to ease their pain. The BMW M3 Touring will of course keep the same new grille as the sedan but its wagon body style would make up for it. That leaves out the BMW M4, though, as it will only have a coupe version. However, if BMW were to make an M4 Shooting Brake, as seen here in this new render, it might end up easing the pain of M4 customers.

Let’s make this very clear first — BMW will not be making an M4 Shooting Brake. It’s not gonna happen, so we’re not claiming that it will. However, we are claiming that it would be awesome if it did.

Shooting brakes are interesting cars, because they combine sleek, two-door styling with hatchback practicality. Shooting brake enthusiasts are far out on the fringe of the car enthusiast world, with very few enthusiasts actually buying such cars, but those that do buy them love them.

Take the Ferrari FF and subsequent GT4 Lusso, for examples. Those two cars are absolutely awesome, with monster V12 engines, supercar performance, stunning Italian looks, and hatchback performance. Now take that recipe modify for the BMW M4. That’s what you see in this render.

Imagine a BMW M4 Shooting Brake; a two-door M4 with a 503 horsepower inline-six, all wheel drive, and a hatchback body style. Sure, it would still have a face made for radio but the rest of it would be absolutely killer. Even the most ardent of new grille-haters would warm to such a car, for its sheer rarity and odd blend of performance and practicality. Plus, it’d be like a Ferrari GT4 Lusso for a quarter of the price. Who wouldn’t like that?

[Source: Sugar Design]