The guys from Evo started a mini-series a while back, focusing on the myriad of settings you can adjust in your BMW M5 when you’re going to the track. The new M5 and M5 Competition models now come with a plethora of choices when it comes to tuning just about everything on the technical side of things. From adjusting the throttle sensitivity to the dampers and even brakes on newer versions.

In the past, that level of adjustability was actually a point of concern for many enthusiasts. When adaptive dampers or gearshift speed selectors were first introduced, some enthusiasts complained that these add-ons ruined the experience by making it too complicated. Then, BMW like many other car makers, pushed on and offered even more customization, making those same enthusiasts roar with anger. Well, with the new M5 things went up a bit more and now, we actually need guides to sort things out.

The video below is the fourth and final installment made by Evo in collaboration with BMW. It tells us how to adapt your drivetrain to a track like Brands Hatch. Located South-East of London, Brands Hatch is well known for its undulating corners and intense compressions that really put a car’s suspension to the test. Therefore, in this case, Steve might want to change the settings he used on Goodwood or Bedford.

As for the actual settings, Steve kept the DSC system on, albeit in MDM mode, which allows for some wheel slip but catches you before you run out of tarmac. Surprisingly, the Chassis section of the M drive configurator was set to Comfort, leaving Sport and Sport+ aside, because of the track layout, as we pointed out earlier. Steve then proceeds to show us how to actually do a lap around the track with some really nice tips for beginners. If you’re planning on taking your new M5 Competition to Brands Hatch, this is a useful clip.