Goodwood is a famous town for two reasons; speed and luxury. Not only is it home to one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world but it’s also home to one of the most iconic motorsport circuits in the world. The guys from EVO Magazine traveled to the Goodwood Motor Circuit to film the second part of their guide about how to drive a BMW M5 Competition on track.

The last time, we learned that going all hardcore on the car’s settings might not be the best way to go about having fun on the track. It will all depend on your personal preference and the layout of the track. In the case of the Goodwood Motor Circuit, you need to adjust to its fast layout first and foremost. This track is best known for being the host of the annual Goodwood Revival race, featuring old racers from all eras.

And while the word ‘old’ might curb your enthusiasm, you must not forget these cars were proper racers back in the day. We’ve seen 800 HP BMW M1 models race here as well as other extremely powerful cars over the years. The Goodwood Motor Circuit can become rather scary too, especially when driving the M5 Competition on it, because of its long straights where you can pile on a lot of speed with a car like this.

For this track, EVO’s Steve Sutcliffe decided to go with a different setup, courtesy of the myriad of ways you can adjust the settings in an M5 Competition. He decided to go with Sport Plus for the Engine, chose the fastest, harshest gear shift setting for the transmission (S3) and put the chassis in Sport mode because it allows the rear end to be a bit more submissive. He also goes into a lot more detail so make sure to check out the video below to see how the character of the M5 Competition changes depending on these settings.