Now that the G80 BMW M3 has been revealed, there’s likely to be a bit chuck of BMW’s enthusiast population that will buy pre-owned F80 M3s. The new car’s styling is controversial and has split the BMW fanbase into two segments; those that hate it and those that like it. The former faction of fans still want an M3 experience, just without the brash styling of the new car. So they’ll likely take a harder look at older, pre-owned models and this 2018 BMW M3 Competition Package could be perfect.

This specific 2018 M3 a near-perfect car for many BMW enthusiasts. Firstly, it’s equipped with the necessary Competition Package. For F80-duty, the CP was a must-have option, as it brought  improved rear diff behavior, less rubber in the chassis to provide better communication and, most importantly, flipping killer wheels. The Style 666M wheels were as devilishly good looking as they sounded when they were knew and they still look great today.

Images: @vote4pedrog

On this car’s Sakhir Orange paint (the F80’s best color option), the wheels look spectacular. The black accents don’t hurt, either. When the F80 was new, it wasn’t considered a stunner but it’s growing more and more handsome every time we look at it. Maybe it’s the new G80’s controversial design that’s making the F80 age so well.

Inside, you’ll find a black interior with the coveted Competition Package seats. Its seats were so desirable that when it came time for BMW to make upgrade the M2 to the M2 Competition, guess which seats were chosen?

Another fun feature inside this BMW M3 CP is its seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Typically, enthusiasts would prefer a manual (as would I) but the F80’s DCT is the last of its kind. Only the M2 Competition continues to use the seven-speed DCT, and it’s on its last legs. All other M cars now use an eight-speed torque-converter automatic and, while it works great, it’s just not as engaging as the old DCT used to be. So fans will appreciate that.

This car only has 9,253 miles on the odometer, making it nearly factory-fresh. So anyone that’s looking to get a slice of old-school M3, this 2018 BMW M3 Competition Package could be perfect for you.

[Source: Hendricks BMW]