The BMW iX has already been revealed, so its design is nothing new. However, all of the photos we’ve seen of BMW’s newest EV have been official photos and not real-world photos. That might not seem like an important distinction but it is. Seeing a car in isolation, in perfectly edited photos is very different from seeing a car in the real world, among other cars and in poor lighting. So when some spy photos of the BMW iX pop up, showing off the car in Colorado, on some slushy roads among other cars, we take notice. (We don’t own these photos but you can see them here)

Surprisingly, the BMW iX doesn’t look too bad among other vehicles. In fact, aside from the grille, it looks rather good. Its shape and silhouette are actually rather nice, it has good proportions, short overhangs and it sits low enough to actually seem sporty-ish. It also has some nice details, such as its floating-style D-pillar, slick headlights and its ultra-slim taillights. The flush door handles look good, too. Those details really make it seem high-tech and futuristic, which is important for an EV.

It’s also bigger than I thought it would be. My brain knew that the BMW iX was about X5-size but it looks almost as long as a Ford F150 Crew Cab. That’s actually a good thing, as it allows the iX to have more interior space for passengers. While we would typically prefer a more compact, sporty crossover, the iX isn’t designed to be sporty so it might as well be roomy and comfortable.

We can’t wait to drive the BMW iX and see what it actually looks like in person, how its incredible looking interior feels and what it’s like to drive. The iX is a hugely important car for the brand so testing it out will be very exciting.

[Source: Car Scoops]