BMW M cars have always been famous for their tail-happiness. All M cars are tail-out hooligans at heart, even the go-fast all-wheel drive ones like the F90 BMW M5. However, it’s the more old-school rear-wheel drive models that are the proper tire-shredders. King of them all is likely the BMW M2 Competition (especially the ‘CS’), which has big power and torque, a rear-wheel drive layout, light-ish weight and a short wheelbase. Which is why the instructor in this new video uses such a car to teach you how to drift.

The video is an instructional one, as it teaches you how to drift. It starts off with the instructor giving you step-by-step instructions how what to actually do. Then, after running through the whole play-by-play, he actually demonstrates said drifts.

Admittedly, he does so on a soaked patch of open tarmac, which allows him to do it safely and easily, without any real risk of crashing. Most enthusiasts don’t typically get to practice under such conditions, so maybe it’s a bit unfair. Although, one should really only drift when is in a controlled environment and safe. Drifting like this on the road is downright dangerous and should never be done. However, if you find yourself on a track or in a massive, empty parking lot, drift to your heart’s desire.

Thankfully, days of drifting like this don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Even the new all-wheel drive BMW M5 can switch its front axle off and do massive rear-wheel drive drifts. The BMW M3 and M4 will also have rear-wheel drive variants, capable of such tomfoolery. And even when the performance car world turns electric, tire-shredding will still exist, as Porsche proved that the madness won’t stop once internal combustion does. So learn how to drift now and you’ll be a pro by the time your first electric drift car comes around.