If you own a BMW M2, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s the standard M2 or the M2 Competition, you can turn your car into a track-ready monster thanks to 3D Design. The Japanese-based BMW tuners create some of the very best aftermarket BMW parts you can find and their catalog for the M2 family is seriously impressive. This new video from 3D Design shows off the parts for both cars on track.

Admittedly, the video doesn’t show off what the cars can do on track, or if the parts make them better driver’s cars, as the video is mostly just comprised of rolling beauty shots. However, the parts shown prove that they can make any BMW M2, be it the Competition model or not, look fantastic.

The BMW M2 Competition in this video is black, with more subtle aero. It has some carbon fiber exterior bits, a lower suspension, new wheels and even yellow headlights, which looks interesting on a modern car. While the standard M2 in this video is silver, with more aggressive aerodynamics, chief of which is the massive fixed rear wing. It also gets carbon fiber exterior bits, a lowered suspension and different wheels.

To be honest, you really don’t need aftermarket parts to make the BMW M2 Competition look aggressive, as it already has a muscular, butch design. However, the standard M2 could use a bit of sprucing up, so as to make it look as aggressive as its successor.

One thing you notice in this video, as with 3D Design parts in general, is that all of the exterior additions look perfectly cohesive with the design. They don’t look cheap and they seem to fit perfectly. 3D Design is known for the highest quality aftermarket parts in the business and it shows in this video. Despite being heavily modified, these cars look like they’re built with the same quality as you’d find from the factory. So if you’re looking for some upgrading for your M2, give 3D Design a look.