The guys from Evolve have been doing some really nice work lately, especially on BMWs. They are developing a new map for the S63 engine in the F90 M5 and, for proper testing purposes, they are running the car in various events to see how it performs. This allows them not only to benchmark the car’s setup against their own expectations but also against other similar cars.

In the video below you’ll get to see an F90 M5 break 200 mph on the regular. Now that may not seem impressive at first but you need to remember a couple of things: the F90 M5 isn’t said to to reach that kind of speed from the factory and this is a full-size sedan (in Europe) with enough room for four adults. This is not a supercar but it is right up there with them in terms of performance.

We don’t get an official horsepower figure for the car but there are hints as to what kind of tuning was done to it. As mentioned, it has an Evolve tune along with Supersprint catless exhaust, an Eventuri intake system as well as a meth injection kit for cooling purposes. All that combined could mean this thing is pushing close to 750 HP. What’s even more impressive is that it still holds up, even though it has the stock engine and turbos on.

As for the speeds, the 200 mph is breached basically every time. The speedometer in the video only goes up to 200 mph, so that’s why you only see that speed shown, but the Dragy measurements and the official track measurements showed different results.

The car reached 206 mph on pump fuel and 208 mph on race fuel. It was also the fastest F90 M5 at this Vmax event and it was the sixth fastest overall being beaten by a couple of heavily modified 911s, an R8, a Huracan and a tuned Aston Martin Vantage. So yeah, this is the only true four-seater in the top 10.