When the CSL moniker was revived several years ago, BMW said that it wasn’t a momentary thing but that we’d get to see more cars wearing it in the future. All of them were to be limited-run versions but the same principles would be applied nonetheless. Now, the first rumor of a possible BMW M4 CSL based on the G80 platform has just popped up online.

It comes from an insider writing for Bimmerpost who proved to be quite accurate in the past. According to the post, the M4 could get a CSL version next year with the start of production slated to kick off in July. The same source claims that it would have an extremely short production run, pointing to a very limited availability. If the previous M4 GTS is anything to go by, the new CSL model could be offered in a couple hundred units.

There’s no mention as to what kind of specs it could have so we’ll have to wait. If the M4 CSL is truly going to happen and the production is set to kick off in July, next year, we should see the first prototypes out testing somewhere in the second half of 2021. Most likely, the hardcore version will have a wing at the back and be made as light as possible. The biggest question will surround the powertrain choice and whether it will be offered with a manual or an automatic transmission.

Most enthusiasts will likely cry out for the manual to be the sole choice but if past versions are anything to go by, the automatic will be the weapon chosen by BMW for the limited-run M4 CSL. This is all speculation at this point, but if we’re to see the CSL moniker used again, the M4 would be a prime candidate to get it stuck on its boot lid.

[Source: Bimmerpost] [Top Render: @magnus.concepts]