BMW hasn’t made a “CSL” in some time. Admittedly, the last CSL — the legendary E46 M3 CSL — was an incredibly tough act to follow. So we can see why BMW might have been hesitant to create a follow up. However, if BMW were to take another shot at it and put out another car with the iconic “CSL” name, it might look something like this BMW M4 CSL render seen here.

Obviously, this render is based off of the new G82 BMW M4 and it features a massive widebody kit, some crazy GT3-inspired aero, as well as a redesign of the front end. The most notable change to this car is its kidney grille design. Rather than the massive beaver-tooth grille of the standard M4, this car gets much smaller, more normal grilles and it’s so much better for it.



However, this render is clearly more of a GT3 race car than it is an extra sporty road car. BMW CSL models have always been aggressive looking but still looked like road cars. This render does not look like a road car. It looks awesome, don’t get me wrong but none of this aero would work on the street, it’s just far too extreme.

Now dial this back a bit; narrow up the body, shorten the wing, make the aero more realistic; but absolutely keep the new grille design and this would be a killer looking BMW M4 CSL. Especially if BMW were to actually give it the diet that most CSL cars get. The new M4 is going to be a powerhouse; with 503 horsepower and all-wheel drive; but it’s a bit of a porker, tipping the scales at over 4,000 lbs in its highest spec. So if any M car in history needed a CSL diet, it’s the new G82 BMW M4. Hopefully, BMW makes one and it’d be cool if it looked like this.

[Image: @magnus.concepts]