The automotive world is still a wonderful place, regardless of how many downturns it took last year. And even though we’re looking at a completely electrified future, there are still plenty of choices out there for the enthusiast in you. On that list you’ll most likely find names like BMW M2 CS, Mercedes-AMG A45 S or even the widely disregarded Alpine A110 S. That’s Alpine, not Alpina, mind you.

The video below paints a very interesting picture but only shows how the three would compare in a drag race, not how they would deal with a set of tightly knit corners. Therefore, lining up at the start line is the BMW M2 CS, a crowd’s favorite but with with a major downside in this kind of event: it’s a rear-wheel drive. It is also the most powerful car here, which is normally a plus, but in this case it might not help that much, as that power needs to be put down efficiently.

The Mercedes-AMG A45 S is not too far behind though. It uses a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged mill making 421 HP and holding the world record for the most powerful engine of this size in production right now. Furthermore, the Merc comes with all-wheel drive and will have the upper hand from standstill. Then there’s the Alpine A110 S, a niche car with more punch under its belt than you’d expect.

The lightweight A110 S has a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder under the hood turbocharged to deliver 292 HP. It may seem like too little by comparison but the French car tips the scale at just 1,114 kilos and that offers it a 3.8 kg/HP power to weight ratio. Therefore, it’s all down to how the two rear-wheel drive cars at hand here will hook up at launch. Could the BMW win? Probably but only with a rolling start.

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