Pitting the BMW M8 against the Audi RS6 definitely doesn’t seem fair. The two cars have very different approaches and different body styles, even though they have similar powertrains. And yet, that won’t stop people from doing it. The video below shows exactly what would transpire if that was to happen, but in this case we also have to take into account that these cars have been tuned, prior to showing up at the drag strip.

According to the video description (which isn’t particularly precise, by the way, listing the M8 as having a 4.0 liter engine), both cars have undergone Stage 2 upgrades. That means they received a bit more than the usual engine ECU re-flash, as some actually hardware changes were made too. Therefore, the tuned M8 is claimed to have 750 HP at its disposal right now, instead of the 600 HP the car comes with as standard.

The Audi RS6 finds itself in the same position, with the exact same power output. However, even if they have the exact same horsepower, the specific tune and what sort of hardware was changed will play a big part here. Was there also a gearbox tune included? What about the physical hardware changes? There’s a lot you need to take into consideration when discussing tuned cars. The drag race outcome, however, won’t really surprise anybody, to be honest.

The BMW M8 is the lighter car here, with a better aerodynamic profile. With the new generation, BMW introduced all-wheel drive on its cars as well so the advantage RS models used to have over BMWs is now gone. Even so, the Audi RS6 is a fast car, no matter how you look at it. Considering its size and that it’s a wagon, that thing can move and it could be the perfect car for those looking for both speed and practicality.