The BMW Marketing team has been under heavy fire recently, especially surrounding some of the new and controversial models. Like the M3 and M4. But they get a break with the all-new, and fantastic, BMW M5 CS. To promote the new beast from Munich, the marketing team put together a promo clip using powerful imagery and sounds.

As you might’ve noticed, the new BMW M5 CS comes with yellow LED accents embedded in the headlamps, not white, as is the case with standard 5 Series, or the regular M5 models. That’s a throwback to older racing cars and their lighting technology which was meant to help out during foggy night racing in endurance events. Most recently, the BMW M6 GT3 used yellow lights in a race. And quite successfully too.

That’s probably where the whole idea about this promo ad came from, as the short, 2-minute long video, includes footage of the BMW M1 racing in the Procar series. Of course, the M5 CS and the BMW M1 Procar models are completely different, but it’s nice to see BMW looking back through its illustrious history in motorsport. It may sound counterproductive to look back instead of forward but sometimes you need to remember who you are.

As for the BMW M5 CS, it already wrote history. This is the most powerful production car BMW has ever made, the first ever CS model in the shape of a sedan and quite a sight to behold. Its performance speaks for itself and we can’t wait to take it for a spin before it runs out of production, in 2022. For now, we can only enjoy these clips but we’ll surely get behind the wheel of an M5 CS as soon as possible.