The new M3 and M4 models are going to start popping up in a lot of places around the world this year. Even though they have been unveiled in 2020, deliveries really kick off  in 2021 and I know there are a lot of people eagerly waiting for them right now. Some might not find these new cars as tantalizing as others but, then again, no matter how controversial the design, the technical side of things will still get the job done.

The upcoming M cars will come with a lot of firsts for the brand. They will be the first M3 and M4 models offered with all-wheel drive, a pretty big change in the way they will function. Luckily, as we all know, even the all-wheel drive systems from BMW are rear-biased so that means we’ll get to do plenty of slides. Heck, you’ll be able to turn the M xDrive system into a rear-wheel drive one at the touch of a button and that sorts out all your problems.

The video below shows how the cars have been tested on the Nurburgring, including both pre-production prototypes and finished cars altogether, doing some pretty nice slides. They come courtesy of BMW’s test drivers who were also tasked with seeing how the new M3 and M4 versions would cope with oversteer, understeer and everything in between. One very interesting option for you, in case you’re interested in doing skids all day long on the track is the base M3, which can be had in a manual, rear-wheel drive only configuration.

Press drives are expected to start soon, as well, pandemic permitting and we can’t wait to bring you our thoughts on the cars. Until then though, we’ll have to make due with what we can, from older footage from the Nurburgring to newer stories about what went into the development of these new cars, like the mini episodes about seats, tires and even wheels published not long ago.