The advancement of technology is taking place at a rapid pace these days and that is reflected in every aspect of our lives. It started with the large mobile phones which have now become small, incredibly powerful devices we keep in our pockets. Then everything started being compared to their rapid advancements and people wanted more and more tech to use on their handheld devices. The automotive industry therefore had to adapt and BMW is no exception.

That is why today’s iDrive looks more like a phone screen than ever. It has tiles, widgets and so many connectivity options, you’re literally spoiled for choice. Back in the good old days, memory seats were the latest fad that impressed people when it came to shared vehicles. You no longer had to manually adjust your seat whenever you changed places with your husband or wife, you just pressed a button and the car would adjust the seat for you. Then came the option of having the steering wheel adjusted automatically as well and things evolved.

Today, BMW’s are fitted with personal accounts. Basically, the iDrive system can be configured to your preferred choice and whenever a certain person logs into their BMW ID everything is set up to their desired spec. From the seat, to the steering wheel, mirrors and even ambient lighting, everything is memorized. These BMW IDs are so customizable, you can even add your own photo to them, so that you don’t forget which is which.

To do so you need to go to the My BMW App, go to “Profile” and click on the profile image to edit it. Choose between smartphone photos or take a photo. Select the picture you would like to use and click on “Done”. After the profile image is uploaded, you can change or delete it by clicking on the image.

In your BMW make sure you are logged in with your BMW ID and check the synchronization of your driver profile. If not already activated, click on the picture in the status bar to enter the driver profile settings and check the box “Synchronize driver profile”. Now your profile image shows in your BMW as well.

Please note that the personal profile picture is available for BMWs with BMW Operating System 7 and software from 7/19 and newer.