In my last test drive of the BMW M2 CS, I claimed that it’s the best car the M Division has to offer but only by a bit; the M2 Competition is 90-percent as good for less money. Thankfully, I had the chance to test both cars back-to-back, within minutes of each other, on the same roads. So I was in one of the best possible positions to review both cars objectively. However, Joe Achilles was actually in an even better position to review both cars, as he currently owns an M2 Competition.

Achilles drives an M2 Comp everyday, so he has a great point of reference for how much better the M2 CS is. One area in which the more expensive CS model is much improved is its ride. Thanks to brilliantly calibrated adaptive dampers, the BMW M2 CS rides far better than the M2 Competition, despite being more planted and more capable. It’s actually quite the impressive feat BMW M has pulled off, as it genuinely allows you to have your cake and eat it, too.

On track, the BMW M2 CS also really shines. BMW re-calibrated the rear diff and the steering to go along with its new suspension and the cumulative effect is most noticeable on track. When pushing hard, the less-expensive M2 Competition can be quite sketchy, as it wants to wag its tail every chance it gets. However, push the more expensive M2 CS just as hard and not only is it not sketchy, it’s confidence-inspiring.

However, there are some things he doesn’t like. For instance, the carbon fiber center console is creaky and uncomfortable against his leg. Its steering wheel is also far too fat and bulky, which is uncomfortable and diminishes steering feel. Those are minor complaints, though, and Achilles still thinks the M2 CS is the best M car on sale.

In fact, despite owning the M2 Competition, Achilles feels that the M2 CS is worth the extra money. That’s from an M2 Comp owner, so if you own one as well and would like to upgrade to the M2 CS, there’s a good chance you won’t be disappointed with the upgrade.