It’s hard to not love a Safari car, like the ones made from vintage Porsche 911s. Taking what’s traditionally a small, lean sports car, jacking up its ride height, adding beefier tires and extra rugged equipment might seem odd but it’s actually awesome. In this new render from BradBuilds, we get to see the BMW M4 get that very same treatment.

In these photos, we get to see what a BMW M4 might look like with a Safari treatment and even a camper built into the back. For starters, it gets a higher ride height, a much wider wheel track, big knobbly tires and a massive camper cut into the trunk. So the M4 completely loses its trunk and back seat, as the cutout for the camper extends halfway into the roof. Obviously, this is just a render but it does state that the camper would have a kitchenette, a bed and even two solar panels. Snazzy.

Image Courtesy of @BradBuilds

Imagine a Safari BMW M4 Camper with a its 510 horsepower 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 and all-wheel drive? The four-wheel rooster tails of sand and dirt from flogging such a car off-road would be absolutely hilarious.

Now, if you ditch the Camper part, you’d just have a badass, trail-ready BMW M4, which would be an absolute riot to drive. In fact, Safari cars are typically really good on road, as well. Their long-travel suspension and squishy tires make them comfortable in everyday traffic and their higher ride heights mean you’re not worried about clipping curbs when parking. Yet, because they’re still based on sports cars, they handle well and are still fun to drive.

Additionally, the hilariously over-aggressive styling of this BMW M4 Safari actually helps to even out the obnoxious new M4 grille design. And you probably thought I forgot about the grille. Silly you.

[Source: @BradBuilds | BradBuilds]