The BMW X7 has done well since its been on sale, becoming one of BMW’s most popular luxury cars. It’s not much of a surprise, though, as the X7 is the very best luxury value BMW has to offer. Thanks to that success, the X7 will be sticking around and its first update will be coming soon, in the form of an LCI facelift. When that LCI comes, it may be getting some new headlights, evidenced by some recent spy photos. This new render shows off what those new headlights might look like.

If BMW fans are upset with the new grille design of several new Bimmers, they’re going to collectively lose their minds over these headlights if they actually come to be. In recent spy photos, it almost looked like BMW was giving the new X7 a sort of split headlight design, with two parts; top and bottom. This new render puts that into effect, to see what it might look like and purists are not going to be happy.

bmw x7 facelift render

From the looks of it, BMW’s signature double-circle headlight design will remain, in the lower half of the headlights. However, the top half of the lights will act as a sort of eyebrow, potentially housing the daytime running lights and turn signals. Personally, I don’t like this design at all and genuinely hope that it stays as a render and never makes production. It looks a bit too much like the Hyundai Kona, which is one of the funkiest looking cars (in a bad way) on the road.

What’s interesting about this design is that, if true, it will actually make the X7’s massive grille seem a bit smaller. The grille is unlikely to change but with the headlights now sitting a bit lower, the grille seems a bit more normal. One of the reasons the X7’s grille seemed so massive at launch was the fact that its headlights were also so skinny and sat at the top of them. So if there is some solace to take in this design’s potential existence, it’s in the fact that the grille will be less obnoxious.

[Photo: @avarvarii on Instagram]