BMW had two variable speeds at which it started adapting to the new, electric, era. Back in 2013, they seemed to be way ahead of the curve, with the launch of the BMW i3. Their first EV got a lukewarm reception mainly because of its exterior styling, but the car is getting a second wind these days, as it seems to be quite popular even after seven years. However, in the meantime, most car makers launched at least one electric car of their own, while BMW seems to be still a bit hesitant.

The Bavarians are planning a massive expansion of their electrified and pure-EV range and that’s easy to spot even today. The BMW iX3 was unveiled this year and is already on sale in certain markets, but while the electric SUV is a step in the right direction, people are expecting more. The answer to those expectations comes in the shape of two more purely electric cars that seem to take ages to reach the market: the BMW iX and the BMW i4.

These two models have been teased for what seems like an eternity. The BMW iX was revealed in full a few weeks ago, with the final design being shown, but without the complete specs. As for the i4, things seem even further away. We only have the concept to rely on, design-wise, and only rumors and insider info regarding its final specs.

According to our sources, the i4 will enter production in November 2021. The market launch is scheduled for early 2022 in Europe and Spring of the same year in the United States. Some believe the i4 will arrive a bit late to the party and that means it will have to be a pretty extraordinary car, in order to make an impact.