There’s been a lot of discussion (arguing?) over the styling of the upcoming M3 and M4. Having said that, we’d be willing to be that most customers of the previous-generation cars are still going to get these new ones. Additionally, we also have a feeling that this new styling is going to attract some new customers, who want bigger, bolder designs. Either way, we don’t see either the G80 BMW M3 or G82 BMW M4 having any shortage of customers.

With that said, the online configurators for both cars have been launched on BMW USA’s website, so you can customize and tailor-build your very own M3 or M4 to your liking.

There are some interesting aspects to building either car. For starters, you can choose either the standard versions or Competition versions of either car. If you go for the standard version, you’re getting 473 horsepower, a six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive. If you go for the Competition-spec, you get 502 horsepower, an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive. That’s regardless of whether you choose the BMW M3 or M4.

Inside, regardless model you choose, you’re met with standard sport seats but $3,800 will get you the carbon fiber-backed racing buckets and, having sat in them, I can tell you that they’re worth the money. Get the racing buckets.

There are also some really interesting color options, which is exciting. BMW M cars need funky color options. The non-metallic Sao Paulo Yellow is about as vibrant as it gets, Toronto Red is a strong sporty color and Isle of Man Green is just killer. There are also two frozen matte options; Frozen Brilliant White and Frozen Portimao Blue. They both look great.

Now here comes the obligatory section of this article where I tell you how I’d spec my car and then leave it up to you readers to spec your own and share with us. Personally, I’d choose the BMW M3 because I like the practicality of four doors. Then I’d choose the standard car for the manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive. My exterior color option was originally going to be Isle of Man Green because, well, it’s green. However, because of how obnoxious looking as the new M3 is, it seems to need an obnoxious color and Sau Paulo Yellow, to me, strikes a great balance between being stupid and fun and I really like it. So that’d be my color choice.

As for the interior, I’d also choose the hilariously absurd Yas Marina Blue/Yellow interior, as the yellow accents match the exterior paint perfectly and continue in the absurdity of my neon yellow M3. I’d also spec the carbon buckets because they’re outstanding and keep the blue brake calipers. I’d also get the base-spec 18/19-inch (staggered front-to-back) wheel option, as they’d improve the ride quality on the road.

Yas Marina Blue/Yellow Carbon Fiber Bucket Seats

So that’s my BMW M3. The car is ridiculous looking, so I figure I’d lean into its absurdity and embrace it. People would think I’m an idiot but that’s fine, I’d be having fun.

[Source: BMW]