BMW’s M Performance Parts catalog has never offered such a drastic visual change to a car than this new G80 BMW M3. With this new generation of M3, the M Performance Parts bin can make it look shockingly different from the standard car. It can even go as far as to rearrange the placement of the exhausts. In this new video from BMW M, you get to see just that, as an M Performance Parts-equipped M3 goes ripping around an empty city, while someone has fire hands for some reason.

I always wanted to be a commercial writer/director, so I could do silly things like make a man have fire coming from his hands in a commercial about a car for no apparent reason, never explain it and just move one like it never happened. That’s what happens in this new video.

First, we see the BMW M3 with its new M Performance Parts and the black and red livery BMW used to debut these parts. The car comes with a new lower front lip, side skirts, a big fixed wing and an entirely new rear bumper, complete with a new diffuser and quad exhausts in a completely different configuration than the stock car’s. Ultimately, whether or not you like it depends on how you feel about the new M3. If you think the new M3 is already too brash, you’re going to hate this. If you like how bold the M3 has gotten, you’ll love it.

We see this decked-out BMW M3 rip around an empty city, while someone sits in a command center of sorts, with screens watching the M3, and presses unmarked buttons. There’s also a man, screaming, with fire coming from his hands as if he’s a superhero who’s upset about having fire hands.

If you want your first look at the BMW M3 in motion with its M Performance Parts, check this video out. If you can explain literally anything about this video, please educate me.