Alongside the release of the G80 BMW M3 was also the release of an M Performance Parts catalog to match. In the photos released for the M3 with its own M Performance parts, we saw a car with a red and black livery, akin to something you’d see in a Need for Speed video game back in 1998. If you want something a bit more reserved than that, you can now see what that car would look like if it were painted black.

I’ll admit, I was tempted to make some corny Rolling Stones reference about red car doors painted black but I won’t do that (although, haven’t I already now?). Instead, let’s take a look at what the G80 BMW M3 looks like in black, as we’ve only seen it in very bright, vibrant colors.

Personally, I’d much prefer vibrant, interesting colors, rather than black, white or silver. However, there’s a case to be made for this new M3 to be painted black. With such a dark color scheme with all black everything, and ultra aggressive looking M Performance add-ons, there’s so much to not only distract from the massive new grille but also balance it out.

Because the rest of the M3 is relatively calm, the new grille looks a bit out of place. However, if you balance it out with bolder looking add-ons past the A-pillar, it becomes a more balanced design, in a weirdly aggressive way. Then paint it black, with black trim and dark wheels, and the grille barely becomes noticeable.

On the inside this car also gets the carbon fiber sports seats in black leather and Alcantara. It also gets an M Performance steering wheel and carbon fiber trim. It’s also very, very black in the inside.

Some enthusiasts really like the look of completely murdered-out, all-black cars. If you’re part of that group, this is going to be the BMW M3 for you.

[Source: Instagram — @shotbyjamieb @SonicF80]