Whether you like it or not, the BMW iX3 is an important car for the Bavarian brand. As it stands right now, it is the only and the first electric SUV with a BMW badge on it and only the second ever fully electric car to come out of Munich. Therefore, this car has a lot riding on it, especially since we’re still pretty far off from seeing another electric BMW on the road. That said, an overview of the iX3 is necessary to educate current and potential BMW customers.

After the BMW i3 was launched, some of the usual BMW buyers were afraid that all the company’s next electric cars will come with controversial styling. Those fears piled on as time went by since the i3 remained the sole EV on sales from Munich for about six years. However, the Germans decided that a more common approach would work better and make more sense on the long run and here we are, with the second pure EV from Bavaria looking only slightly different from the regular X3 it is based on.

The video below walks us through its main features, thanks to Rebecca Gross, the BMW iX3 Product Manager. Basically, she was in charge of getting the car ready for the customers and knows everything there is to know about it. Of course, the sales numbers will be interesting to observe over the following months as the first models will get delivered and we’ll get a better sense of what the iX3 is capable of.

The biggest concern people have is whether it will have enough range or not. The car is rated for up to 459 kilometers (285 miles) in the WLTP test cycle but, as we all know, those figures can vary quite a lot, depending on a huge number of factors. Since winter is coming, rest assured we’ll see plenty of testing being done with it, to check out its real-life range. Now let’s see what Rebecca has to say.