Everyone’s heard the typical complaints about BMW drivers; they’re obnoxious, never use their turn signals and can’t park. Obviously, most of that is just a stereotype, right? Maybe not, actually. According to this new report from Insurify, a car insurance comparison site in the U.S., BMW drivers are actually the rudest drivers.

What defines a “rude” driver, you might ask? Insurify considers a rude driver to be those that frequently receive these violations; failure to yield, failure to stop, passing where prohibited, tail-gating, street racing or hit-and-run. Careless, reckless and arrogant, drivers, apparently. According to the insurance comparer’s date, BMW drivers place number one and number two on that list.

The reason BMW can place twice is that this data breaks down drivers by by specific car, not just brand. So the number one driver on Insurify’s naughty list is that of the BMW 4 Series. According to the insurance gurus, 4 Series drivers are the ones most likely to commit those traffic violations. Second on that list is the BMW 7 Series, which isn’t surprising.

Thankfully for BMW drivers, those are the only to BMWs on the list. Still, the drivers of those two cars seem to be the rudest of them all. Shockingly, it’s the only category BMW ranks highly (poorly?) in, as BMW is omitted entirely from the “Most Accident” and “Most Speeding Tickets” lists.

It’s funny, I don’t currently own a BMW but when I did, I was always sensitive about the stigma behind BMW drivers. I use my turn signals religiously, make sure to park as well as I can and follow the rules and lane disciplines as much as I possibly can. So I always felt that the stigma was false. However, this new survey might be saying otherwise. Maybe I was wrong, maybe us BMW drivers are a bunch of jerks.

[Source: Autoweek]